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alt="MMM Nigeria portal," - MMM Nigeria Registration Portal, MMM Registration

So many people are already familiar with the word MMM and what is means. It is no longer news to Nigerians and other people in other art of the world that MMM is a programme or scheme that is aimed to reduce poverty to its minimal level.

MMM as it is popularly called simply means Mavrodi Mundial Movement also called Moneybox. MMM has so many websites, these websites are actually country based. That means different country with their different website. Though there is a global website you can use for MMM registration irrespective of your country.

But today in this post, we will be discussing MMM Nigeria registration portal or the portal Nigerians can actually use for their MMM registration.

But before we continue, we have to look at what MMM is really about, how you can register for an MMM account and where you can do the registration from.

A Little About MMM

MMM is a scheme introduced to reduce poverty facing humans on earth. It work actually in two ways; that is you provide help and you get help. I know by now you will be wondering what does it mean to provide help and how do you get help. Another question that comes to mind is to whom do you provide the help and from who do you request the help?

Do not worry as you continue to read, you will get to understand how everything works. First of all, before you can even think of providing help or requesting help, you need to register for an MMM account first.

Now getting help simply means after registering, and providing all your account details, you will decide the amount you want to use to provide help. After providing the help, you will wait for the time you will request for help.

MMM is for a period of 30 days. That means the time you provide the help to the time you request for help usually takes 30 days. You get 30% of any amount you use in providing help. No wonder so many people are always smiling when they request for help. 

You are not restricted to the amount you can use to provide help but the minimum amount is $50. What are you waiting for? If you really want to enjoy all the benefits of MMM, you need to register.

MMM has a lot to offer you. Did you know that you can actually get %10 bonus from every member you refer to MMM? give it a trial and you will be glad you did.

MMM Nigeria Registration Portal -

This is the official MMM registration portal. is the official website for MMM registration for Nigerians.

How to Register for MMM

1. Log on to the official MMM Nigeria registration website by visiting and fill in all the require information.
2. Enter the image text to verify you are human and not a robot.
3. Tick the little box beneath to accept terms and conditions.
4. finally click the submit button.

When your registration is successful. you will be asked to login to your PO to complete everything.

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