Monday, January 2, 2017 - Npower Assessment Test Login 2016/2017

Npower Recruitment 2016/2017 Assessment Test Login

It is no longer news, that the first batch of 200,000 applicants of the estimated 500,000 numbers have already been recruited for Npower volunteer programme. As earlier promised by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the first batch of applicants for Npower recruitment programme 2016 had already been shortlisted and recruited.

So many people had the opportunity to take Npower assessment test 2016 as earlier scheduled by the Npower team, but some persons for one reason or the other were unable to take the test.

Were you shortlisted in the first batch of Npower volunteer programme? Have you taken your assessment test so that you will be qualified for the second batch that will be released this year 2017? If you have not taken your test, this is another opportunity for you to take your test and hope to be among the next Npower batch of successful volunteers.

Npower recruitment 2016/2017 assessment test portal is still open for applicants that have not taken their test. If you know you want to take you test you need to continue reading this post and follow the guildlines and instructions as stated.

Steps to Take Npower Recruitment 2016/2017 Assessment Test

Follow the steps below to take your Npower recruitment assessment test;
  1. Log on to the official Npower assessment portal by visiting https;//
  2. Once you are already on the page, you will be required to provide your username and password.
  3. Enter your username (the phone number you provided during Npower registration) and password (your surname in small letters).
  4. Click the login button on the button to login to your dashboard.
  5. Once your dashboard loads, read the instructions carefully to every question and provide the answers.
  6. Once you are done taking the test, click the finish button to submit all your answers.

You be be aware that you have a time frame to answer the questions. Please ensure you provide accurate answers within the time frame.


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  1. We People Of Nigeria We Thank For Buhari For This Issue Of Npower